Preparation Prevents Pressure

Monday 1st July 2013

This has been a busy acting week, with one short film, a film voice over, as well as my latest audiobook – Zen Guided Meditation, completed. I have also been short-listed for a major credit card commercial too. I would smile for a month if I land the part, with the thought of them sending me money, instead of the other way round!

I have also posted the first video clip of a six part series on YouTube.This is the link. It is called Confidence – The Importance Of How We View the Past, Present, and Future – Part 1.

Last week reminded me again of the importance of preparation. Many actors struggle with performance anxiety, and preparation is the perfect antidote. Focus on process, and the results will follow.

PGA Golf Head Professional Mark Peddar also know the importance of preparation, as he explains below,

We all experience pressure in our lives, especially in sport and golf is no different. One thing that is unique about Golf is the amount of time you are under the spotlight, so it is useful to understand where it comes from.

In my opinion it is summed up wonderfully by Bradley Wiggins,

“Pressure is what comes from when you haven’t done the work and think, I may fail at this”.

We see this on the course all the time, the occasional player throwing his clubs, and the unflappable, calm Professional playing for millions of dollars, the Professional is prepared, he knows he has covered all the bases, done the work and accepts what comes. The club player is not prepared and not willing to accept his fate, this is pressure.

If you put the work in, you cannot lose, you are at the best you can be, and with this knowledge comes an overwhelming calmness.

The top performers in all works of life are the ones who have done all the prep work and actually enjoy the event of performance.