3 Principles has a few problems

Monday 5th June 2017

I have just survived three days of intensive training in the 3 Principles (3Ps). It cost me a considerable amount of money, so was it worth it?

Before I answer this question I will point out a few potential problem areas. The central tenet of the 3 Principles is that we can all access “Mind”. Mind is a consciousness that is vastly greater than our own mind, and is often referred to as big mind, or universal wisdom. I think of it more simply as the source of intuition.

The first problem with this central tenet is that this philosophy is nothing new. It bears considerable similarity with Carl Jung’s views about the collective unconscious, as well as the views of ancient philosophers, Eastern philosophies, and many religions. So does it deserve to stand alone as a separate entity?

The second major problem with the 3Ps is that very few people can explain exactly what it is, and how to use the 3Ps. My course was hosted by Michael Neill, whose use of metaphors is world class, but even he knows this is a tough one to explain.

Be Brave

Using the 3Ps requires a huge leap of faith. As an example, it means approaching any potentially stressful situation believing that you already have the resources necessary to produce your best performance. The more you try to force yourself into this mindset the less likely you are to succeed. It requires letting go, and getting out of your own way. This is an extremely counterintuitive approach, especially in our modern culture where control is all important.

The curious thing is that this approach does seem to work. Previously I called this a Zen approach, and for at least the last year have developed this concept along 3Ps lines. I have used these modified techniques in my personal life, and in my work with clients. It has enhanced performance in all areas. I also know that this is hard to quantify, and it would not be the first time my self delusions have coloured my rational thinking.

However one thing that I am certain about is that situations that I previously found stressful no longer carry anything like as much emotional baggage. As stress is one of the largest causes of physical and mental illness this is no small prize.

Less Stress = More Luck

Apart from removing stress it really does feel as if my luck magnet has been switched on. Opportunities I would never previously have dreamt about in my wildest dreams have turned up on my doorstep. All the things that I would have sweated buckets for, assuming that I knew what they were, have found me. All I had to do was show up, put myself in the game, and see what happened.

This is how life should be, and we should see an abundance of new opportunities as normal, and not just once-in-a-lifetime gifts from the Gods. Michael Neil described this elegantly when he said that sometimes it feels as if there are invisible Giants on our side.

Worth Every Cent

Which is why the intensive training I mentioned at the beginning of this post was worth every cent.

Please let me know if you would like more information about the 3 Principles, and are ready to discover how they can ignite your creativity and intuition. In other words, how you can help yourself get lucky. doc@drstephensimpson.com