Wednesday 6th February 2019

To cut a very long story short the work I did whilst filming with a dragon lizard gave me ideas for a revolutionary technique that I could use with my clients. We have had some incredible successes since then. I call it the reptile relaxation reflex.

I am trained as a professional actor and listed on Spotlight. However I rarely go to auditions and prefer to use the skills I learnt working as a mind coach and presenter. I do occasionally get asked to consider roles that a producer or director thinks might be suitable for me.

One of these phone calls came out of the blue about five years ago, and little did I know then that it would have a huge impact on my life and work. I was asked whether I would play Charles Darwin in a TV documentary series. It lead to a new insight about how we behave as animals and how we can use the reptile relaxation reflex to help with stress.

Those who follow my work will know of my deep love of nature and respect for the work of Darwin. Even though I feel there is still a lot more to learn about evolution.

Please do give this technique a try, and share freely with people who you think would be interested or might even benefit from it themselves. Please also let me know how you get on.

Thanks to superband roadie Kev Owen for the video technical direction.