Steve & Tony Wrighton discuss anti toxin footpads

Thursday 4th July 2019

Sky Sports presenter, author, and Zestology podcaster Tony and me get together again for one of our regular biohack podcasts. As usual the content is wide ranging and directly relevant to what you wish to get out of your life. These words are from Tony, and I recommend you subscribe to his Zestology cutting edge channel.

Health hacks, biohacks and life hacks coming up including:

Footpads that draw the toxins out of your feet, and the amazing story around this.

Amber necklaces and the history and power behind them (I am sceptical of these!)

Meditation and how it dramatically reduces your pulse rate.

What happens when poker players don’t trust their instinct?

And lots more.

As always it was brilliant to chat with friend of the show Dr. Stephen Simpson.

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