You do not need any more confidence

Sunday 25th June 2017

The title of this post about confidence may surprise quite a few people. Not least because my audiobook Zen Hypnosis Confidence was the number one bestseller in Europe for most of 2010. It even outsold the da Vinci code, and some blockbuster vampire books by Stephanie Meyers.

This does not mean my confidence audiobook was unnecessary. Far from it, and I know from all the reviews and email comments that it helped many people immensely. So why do I say that you do not need any more confidence?

Unleash the child within you.

The reason is that feeling confident is the default normal state for all of us. It is when we have problems with other emotions that confidence hides away in some deep part of our brain.

If you find this hard to believe then consider a young child. They have to be the perfect age when their brains are forming rapidly, and they have not received any negative influences from other people that surround them.

Watch them play. Listen to their language. Look at their posture. See the smile on their face. They think they are great and do not care who knows it. So many of my elite performer clients wish they could play their sport with the freedom that they once did when they were young.

So my approach with clients who want more confidence is not to search for it, but to search for the factors that that are blocking our natural confidence. The usual suspect is anxiety, closely followed by the inability to live in the moment. These are the people who dwell in the past and obsess about the future. People like you and me!

Living in the moment brings confidence

Living in the moment is also called mindfulness. I do not care what people call it. I just want clients to find this sweet spot, and then for some strange reason they start to get lucky. When people are confident they are able to sport the opportunities that surround them, and pounce on them. They are in the calm and focused state of mind which is the entry point to the zone. The zone is the natural home of peak performance, and therefore the equivalent of the Holy Grail for athletes, musicians, and all who perform in the spotlight.

If you think it is your time to get lucky then I suggest you buy my book on the subject. My clients continue to post great results, so something must be working. This is the link.


I mentioned earlier my bestselling confidence audiobook. This and many of my other titles are no longer posted on iTunes, not least because they somehow lost all my reviews and therefore most of my sales disappeared. So some of these titles are only available on my website. Here is the link to Zen Hypnosis Confidence for those of you interested.

As always I welcome your comments, including any ideas for future topics.