ADHD – Radio Interview

Wednesday 8th June 2016

ADHD is subject of much controversy.

I was recently interviewed on The Change Book Radio Show. The two presenters asked me many questions on a wide range of subjects including my views on ADHD.

There is so much conflicting science about these types of conditions that I’m not sure how valuable my views were. However what is certain is the devastating impact that this condition can have on children and their parents.

Regular visitors to my website and blogs will know my views on multitasking. Quite simply multitasking does not work. We have more instant demands upon our attention than any previous generation. ADHD is rising in prevalence and I do not believe that this is a coincidence.

We also talk about a lot of other things on the show and all of the programs are well worth listening. Judge for yourself. The podcast is on this page, and also on iTunes.