Everybody wants more luck in his or her life. Is this possible?

Saturday 10th September 2022

Most of us would like to have more luck. This post is the first in a series narrating my experiences when researching and writing my book called Get Lucky Now. The series of posts will include excerpts from this book which is available on Amazon. This is the link – https://www.amazon.com/Get-Lucky-Now-secrets-people/dp/1515398684 

Get Lucky Now!

Everybody wants more luck in his or her life. Is this possible?

The truth is that it is possible, and there are some very logical reasons to explain why this is so. There are also some extremely illogical reasons, and these are more difficult to explain.

While researching for my book called Get Lucky Now, I became increasingly fascinated by the illogical concepts and the philosophies associated with luck. Some of these concepts have been around for centuries, whereas others are more recent.

I experimented with these techniques on myself and with my clients. I was shocked and, on occasions, frightened by some of the results. They defied logical explanation.

Could I use these techniques myself? There was only one way to find out. I chose a new project to test my techniques. It was on a subject I knew little about.

Online gambling is one of the fastest growth industries and generates billions in revenue for these companies. Some of their clients have profited, too. Others have not been so lucky.

It is now possible to bet on almost anything, including political election results and even talent TV shows. Poker is a huge market, as is sports betting. I chose predicting sports results, not least because it is a subject I follow with passion. It would still be a stiff challenge to get lucky. Did I succeed and make any money?

The answer is yes, I made money—not a huge fortune, but enough to buy a new car. Enough for three international companies to drastically limit my accounts.

How did I make money?

These posts will explain how, and this is a taste of what is to come.

  • How do you decide exactly what you want and thereby bring life to your goals?
  • How do you build confidence, even if this does not come naturally?
  • How do you construct vivid visualizations that become self-fulfilling prophecies?
  • How do you develop mindfulness and connect to the vast power of your unconscious mind?
  • How do you use the interconnected techniques of hypnosis, HeartMath® and Havening®?
  • Why are some people lucky, while others are not?
  • How do you use synchronicity and coincidence to put luck on your side and discover that quantum physics, relativity, string theories, and the law of attraction may be related?

The overarching conclusion I reached during my research was that luck is inextricably linked to intuition. There is much that we can do to improve our intuition. All of the secrets of success that I describe develop priceless intuition skills. Are you ready for this journey now?

Ten Months into My Get Lucky Now Project

I did not have much to show for the first ten months of research, with the exception of the success of my sports-betting experiment.

It was time to start writing, so I took myself away from all the usual distractions, hoping for inspiration. In the next post I will share with you the details my short period of isolation. I had several big surprises which just goes to show that you should always leave room in your life for the unexpected. Very often the unexpected is better than anything you could’ve wished for. It’s all about the power of the unconscious mind, our shared collective unconscious, and infinite intelligence. For those who are interested these all feature highly in my NLP coaching programs.