Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

My background in NLP Therapy

I discovered NLP 13 years ago after reading a book by Paul McKenna. Within weeks I was attending a course run by Dr Richard Bandler and McKenna and was hooked. Within 18 months I qualified as a certified NLP trainer and had set up my own elite performance coaching business. I learnt so many things about NLP therapy that I could not have found anywhere else. I have attended multiple personal development courses over the years but without doubt NLP has been the most powerful and effective training. NLP life coaching skills are universal and can be used effectively with all people in all areas of life.

I became a far more effective communicator, and an even better listener. I learnt to tell the difference between what somebody was saying, what they really meant, and what was left unsaid. I was able to fill the gaps and understand how their unconscious mind was processing their view of the world.

I learned the power of hypnosis, and the importance of our unconscious mind. When we learn to connect more closely to it we transform, as if by magic. As a NLP life coach and a therapist this was immensely valuable.

It cannot be a coincidence that so many politicians and corporate leaders have chosen NLP to polish their persuasion and influence skills, and hopefully to become better people too!

Neuro Linguistic Programming TherapyWhat is NLP?

NLP, otherwise known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, was co created by post graduate computer programmer Richard Bandler and academic expert in linguistics John Grinder in the early 1970’s.

Richard Bandler claims the name NLP came from an unfortunate incident with San Francisco traffic police. When the police stopped Bandler they asked him to state his occupation.

He was, unusually for him, lost for words and saw three journals in his car. One was about linguistics, one was about neurology and the third one was about computer programming. So he identified his occupation as a neuro-linguistic programmer, and the title stuck.

Richard Bandler and John Grinder meticulously studied mental health therapists, and graded them by their results with clients. A consistent finding was that the structure of language the successful therapists used was unusual. Bandler and Grinder also noticed that their body languages remarkably different and consistent too.

Learn from the best

Virginia Satir and Fritz Perls were considered the best role models to explore in greater depth. How and why did they achieved such great results? This was especially problematic because Satir and Perls certainly didn’t know the answer to this question. Both suggested that perhaps their heightened intuitive skills were possibly their critical success factor.

Bandler and Grinder also wanted to learn more about hypnosis and identified as their role model medical doctor Milton Erickson. They considered Erickson’s use of language combined with hypnotic elements in particular as his magic ingredient.

When hypnosis was combined with the methods used by Satir and Perls Bandler and Grinder were convinced their findings would revolutionise mental heath therapy. These same tools would be equally effective in boosting individual performance and resilience in all areas of life.

Hence NLP was born, and since then many thousands of people from all walks life and all corners of the world have been trained in NLP techniques.

How can NLP Therapy help you?

In a nutshell NLP therapy will connect you more closely to the immense power of your unconscious mind.

  • You will make cleaner decisions, especially under pressure.
  • You will grow in confidence and discover the benefits of living in the moment.
  • You will learn how to use language more elegantly to improve your communication and enhance your influencing skills.

These are all multi-functional skills that can be used in your professional life to raise your performance to at least the next level, in your personal life to enhance the pleasure associated with your hobbies and sporting interests, and in finding and building more fulfilling relationships.

NLP Courses

I provide a variety of NLP training courses to suit any pocket. As a certified NLP trainer I will bring your coaching skills up to at least the next level and it will be fun. Without doubt the best way to learn NLP is by working with a trainer. These skills cannot be learnt solely from books.

NLP Life Coaching

When you have trained to the highest level with the best coaches in the world and graduated as a NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer you soon realise that NLP is a game changer. There is no limit to the power of the unconscious mind and it is the key to moving you to at least the next level in your life.

NLP life coaching is the foundation of my work with clients and can be integrated seamlessly with all the other techniques I have found useful over the years.

Let’s schedule a no-obligation call to explore the opportunities of my NLP training courses Contact Me.