Improving focus, productivity and creativity

Tuesday 17th July 2018

I always enjoy working with my friend and Sky presenter Tony Wrighton. Creativity is our greatest gift, and if there is a secret to happiness this just might be it. This podcast explains how we can turbocharge our creative power and it is well worth listening to. This is how Tony describes it, and you might want to check out his Zestology channel too.

“Studies prove that there’s more to distract us than ever before. It can be hard to put down the phone or switch off the laptop, and the constant little dopamine hits we receive from notifications, likes, emails and more have a seriously negative effect on our lives. Our brains are all over the place.

So Dr. Stephen Simpson and I have tackled this problem head on in today’s podcast, as well as put together a program for people who want to unplug and tap into something deeper by using the skills of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Don’t worry, after listening to this podcast you won’t have your phone confiscated your smartphone for the next month. The skills of NLP are perfectly tailored to ensuring you start controlling your tech usage, rather than letting the tech control you.”