Thriving Beyond Stress & Burnout Interview

Friday 27th October 2017

Welcome to the Story Mill podcast series – Thriving Beyond Stress & Burnout.  In this episode, Claire Taylor talks with Mind Coach and Medical Dr Stephen Simpson.

Stephen worked for several years as a Medical Dr in war torn Angola and although there were tough days, he awoke every morning looking forward to his work.  His capacity to deal with challenging situations was incredible.

Then, Stephen sustained a shoulder injury that initially seemed superficial.  However, in time it became clear that the pain and inflammation weren’t going away and were impacting severely on Stephen’s ability to carry out his work.

A scan in the UK revealed extensive damage to his neck vertebrae and it became clear that Stephen wouldn’t be able to continue working as he had previously.

Constant pain, having to leave a job he loved, combined with a cluster of other personal issues began to take their toll on Stephen.  The impact of horrific scenes he’d witnessed working on Angola loomed just beneath the surface of his awareness.  This was a low point in his life and he felt stressed, burnt out and exhausted.

Stephen had reached a low point in his life and felt stressed, burnt out and exhausted.

Travelling to Brazil on holiday Stephen came across a book by sheer chance.  Inspired by what he read, he took action upon his return to the UK and signed up for training in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) with Paul McKenna.  That small step ignited a spark in Stephen that led to him changing direction in his career and his life.

Since then, Stephen has become a Mind Coach and trained in a variety of psychological modalities.  He helps people to reignite their confidence and improve their health, wealth and happiness.  He also achieves amazing results helping people overcome PTSD using a technique called Havening.

To hear Stephen’s story, listen to our conversation below.