The 3 most important secrets to attract health, wealth, and happiness.

Sunday 3rd March 2019

I am fascinated by the workings of our mind. I spend hours every day trying to understand even a little more about a subject which is largely beyond human comprehension. I came to the conclusion that the more I studied the more confused I became. It was time for me to regroup, simplify things, and attempt to identify the 3 Monster secrets that have helped to me, that have helped my clients, and that I could share with anybody. 

This is what I came up with, but I cannot promise they will be the same in a months time!

So many people under-estimate or dismiss the beneficial impact that hypnosis can have on their lives. This is perfectly understandable because there is so much nonsense written about this subject. Hypnosis is rightfully the first Monster secret and I will do my best to cut out the rubbish and explain how we can all use hypnosis. More accurately we already are all hypnotists and hypnotised. It is more about having control over what we allow ourselves to think about, and what is best forgotten.

The second secret is hardly rocket science either. Hopefully you know what you want out of life. Yet the chances are that you are not sure how to make your dream come true. In my opinion the best place to start is by thinking about somebody who has exactly what you want. Use the power of your unconscious mind to study what they are doing differently. This is sometimes called modelling, and is very powerful technique. I was introduced to it about 10 years ago and it was called the deep trance identification technique. I have seen some incredible transformations result from this exercise.

The third secret is a psycho-sensory technique that I call the Reptile Relaxation Reflex. There are many different varieties of psycho-sensory techniques, and I do not claim mine is any better than any other. The only thing I know is that it suits me best, that most of my clients enjoy using this technique, and that they are posting some great results.

I welcome your comments, and experiences.